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If you have unsightly spider veins on your legs, you’re a candidate for sclerotherapy. Dr. Linette Rivera and Dr. Pina Panchal offer this treatment that makes these tangled purple, red, and blue lines fade, revealing smooth skin. If you live in or around Tampa, Florida, call Bella Mia Medical Aesthetics and Laser Institute of Tampa for a consultation about spider veins, or use the online booking agent to make an appointment.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

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What is sclerotherapy?

During this medical procedure, Dr. Rivera or Dr. Panchal inject a chemical into the spider vein to destroy it. The chemical, known as a sclerosant, causes damage to the innermost lining of the vessel. Your blood redirects to better-working veins and the treated vein eventually collapses and is reabsorbed into surrounding tissue so that it disappears.

Does sclerotherapy hurt?

Sclerotherapy does require an injection, so you may feel pinpoint pain or stinging at the time of treatment. Because it’s used on spider veins that are at the surface of the skin, the discomfort is minimal and well-tolerated. The chemical solution often contains lidocaine, which helps minimize sensation during the injection.

Who is a candidate for sclerotherapy?

If you’re healthy but are bothered by the appearance of superficial spider veins, sclerotherapy is an ideal solution for you. Men and women who have uncomfortable spider veins in their legs that cause swelling and aren’t controlled with compression stockings may also benefit from sclerotherapy treatment. Consult with Dr. Rivera or Dr. Panchal if you have visible veins and regularly experience aching, swelling, or night cramps in your legs.

When will I see results from sclerotherapy?

The treated veins begin to fade within a couple of weeks, but it can take as long as a month to see optimal results. You may need multiple treatments to get the full desired effect.

How many injections will I need?

You may undergo a number of injections at one session, depending on the number of spider veins being treated. The doctor reviews your treatment plan prior to the procedure so you know what to expect.

What should I expect after the procedure?

Dr. Rivera and Dr. Panchal encourage you to move your legs and walk soon after the procedure, as this activity discourages the development of blood clots. You do need to wear compression stockings for approximately two weeks following the procedure. This helps maintain compression in the treated veins. The doctors also ask that you avoid sun exposure to the treated areas, as it may lead to darkening of the injection sites.